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Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction

We can assist in establishing Direct Deposit of your net pay check and Payroll Deduction for payments and share deposits. You may need to speak with your employer about direct depositing your paycheck into your account with Trico.


ACH Withdrawal

Electronic withdrawals and deposits are processed daily by 9:30 AM. Trico can originate ACH (Automated Clearing House)withdrawals and deposits to automatically pay monthly mortgage payments, loan payments, etc.


Corporate Checks

Similar to cashier's checks, corporate drafts must be payable to a person or a business, the "pay to the order of" cannot be left blank. Corporate drafts are $5.00 per check unless payable to yourself.


Pre-Paid Debit Cards

Order a pre-paid debit card through us and manage it as often as you want online or through us. Click here to download the application.

Reload Pre-Paid Card

Savings Bonds

Trico redeems savings bonds for members and non-members. To purchase Savings Bonds, click this button.

Savings Bonds

Wire Transfers

A fee of $5.00 is charged to wire funds to a credit union in Montana and $15.00 is charged to wire funds to a bank or any credit union outside of Montana. In order to quaify for the $5.00 charge, the wire must by submitted by 12:00 PM if more than $5,000.00 and by 2:00 PM if less than $5,000.00. All other wires must by submitted by 3:30 PM. All times are Mountain.

Wire Money

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ATM Machines

There is an ATM located on the East Side of the Trico building.

ATM Locator

Audio Response System (PAL Line)

The audio response is available to members 24 hours a day. Account history, fund transfers, line of credit advances and check withdrawals are accessible on the menu driven system. Audio response transactions are effective immediately and there is no fee to use the system.

Audio Response Instructions Call 1-800-446-8189

Night Despository

Located on the south end of the building next to the drive-up window.


Coin Counter

There is no charge to count members' coin.


Notary Public

There is no fee for members to have their signatures notarized.


VISA Credit Cards

Trico provides an in-house VISA program. All account information is available from our credit union personnel. Payments are processed at the credit union when received by mail, phone, audio response or in person.

VISA Credit Card Application

Checks/Debit Cards

Checks and cards may be used at merchants that accept VISA and automated teller machines (ATM's). Funds are deducted from your draft (checking) account. Apply to order a Debit Card. Please review how to use your debit card safely by clicking here.

Order Checks

Credit Life/Credit Disabiltiy Insurance

The member pays the insurance premium. Benefits may pay off or reduce your loan balance in the case of a disability or death.


NADA Book Prices

Loan department will assist members in determining vehicle prices. Book values can be accessed through our NADA and Kelly Blue Book links.

NADA Values

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