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Overdfraft Fees

Overdraft Protection FAQ's

What is Courtesy Pay?
Courtesy Pay is a credit union service that pays checks and debit card transactions when a checking account is overdrawn. It helps members avoid bounced checks and NSF items. 

How does OverDraft Protection work?
After “opting-in” with OverDraft Protection, the credit union will cover checks and debit card transactions if an account is overdrawn, up to a specified limit.  

What does Overdraft Protection cost?
There is no charge to the member for having the Over Draft Privilege service unless it is utilized. 

Am I required to use the Overdraft Protection Service?
No.  It is every individual member’s choice to use or not use the service.

What do I need to do to sign up for Overdraft Protection service?
You only need to fill out Trico Community FUC opt-in form and submit it to the credit union.  You can find the forms at the credit union or on our web site.

Am I charged a fee if I utilize the Overdraft Protection service?
Yes.  If you sign up for the ODP service and authorize the credit union to do so we will pay ACH withdrawals, checks and every day debit card purchases.  For every item that Trico pays on your behalf you are charged $25.00.

If I have signed up for automatic transfers will that still work?
Yes.  If you have signed up for automatic transfers on your account to cover over drafting that will happen prior to Overdraft Protection activating.

Is there a maximum dollar amount that Trico will allow?
Yes.  This discretionary service will generally be limited to $250 overdraft balance for checking accounts. Any and all fees and charges, including but not limited to non-sufficient funds/overdraft fees will be included in the courtesy pay limit. Trico reserves the right to require you to pay your negative balance, including all fees, on demand.

Will I be notified when I overdraw my account and the Overdraft Protection Service activates?
Yes.  If you sign up for e-Lerts or e-Notices, we will notify you that your ODP service has activated.

What are the qualifications for OverDraft Protection Service?
The qualifications for Trico’s ODP Service are –

  • Your checking account has been open at least 30 days, without excessive NSF's
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • No delinquency of 30 days or more on any loans
  • Not subject to any legal or administrative order or levy
  • Make sufficient deposits to bring your account positive at least every 30 days

How do I know if I am eligible for Overdraft Protection Service?
Every member in good standing is eligible for the Overdraft Protecion Service.  Simply complete Trico’s form and drop it off to a Member Service Representative at the credit union.  We can confirm your eligibility at that time.

How long can I be overdrawn on my account?
You may have a negative balance for 30 days on your account.  Failure to bring it back to a positive status will cause it to close.

If I am overdrawn on my account will I be charged interest and can I make payments?
Overdraft Protection is a service provide by the credit union and not a loan.  Trico Commuity will not change interest on the overdrawn amount.  We will not set up a payment plan as it will need to be paid in full within 30 days. 

Is there a limit of the number of items that Overdraft Protection will cover?
No.  Trico Community will cover an unlimited number of items as long as the total dollar amount limit is not reached.

Can Trico Community terminate the program?
Yes.  Trico may revoke a member’s access to the Overdraft Protection service at any time.  The service is not an obligation of the credit union and the credit union may refuse to provide the courtesy on any account at any time.

I currently have an Overdraft Protection loan; do I have to pay it back immediately?
All Overdraft Protection loans will be frozen and the balance will not be allowed to increase.  We will honor the terms and condition of the loan and allow our members to pay off the loan as scheduled.  Once the balance reaches $0.00 the ODP loan will be closed.

What happens if I overdraw my account and can’t pay it back within 30 days?
Trico Community always wants to help our members succeed.  We will work with our members on an individual basis when circumstances arise for them.