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You have many options about how to put money into or take money out of your account. Make your loan payments with automatic transfers on a cetain day each month or have your social security checks deposited with the need for a check! These are only minor examples of the options you have a Trico Community FCU. Please take a moment to review your options and select one or several available options to make your financial obligations run SIMPLY BETTER.


Forms                                      Description  
24 Hour Audio Response (PAL) Instructions To check your account balances after hours Downloadable Form
ACH Cancellation To cancel an automatic transfer into or from another fiancial instition that was initiated from Trico Community FCU Downloadable Form
ACH Unauthorized To reverse and unauthorized transfer of funds into or from your account Downloadable Form
ACH Withdrawal To set up an automatic pull from another financial insitution into your account Downloadable Form
ACH Redirect Authorization To change where to pull or put electronic funds Downloadable Form
Address Change To update/change your address, phone number, etc. Downloadable Form
Automatic Transfer To automatically transfer from one account to another within Trico Community FCU Downloadable Form
Change Terms of Multiple Party Account To make changes to a mulitple-party account Downloadable Form
Debit Card Application To apply for a debit card for a checking account. Please clikc here to review the TERMS & CONDITIONS. Downloadable Form
MasterCard Debit Card Charge Dispute To dispute a MasterCard debit card transaction  
VISA Credit Card Charge Dispute To dispute a VISA credit card transaction Downloadable Form
Declaration of Lost Cashier's Check To declare that a cashier's check has been lost Downloadable Form
Flexteller - Online Account Access To access your account information online at your convenience Downloadable Form
Lost or Stolen Card Report To cancel your debit or credit card Downloadable Form
Overdraft Share Agreement To pull from a savings account when overdrafting a checking account Downloadable Form
Request to Close Account To close out your account Downloadable Form
Skip-A-Payment Request To skip a loan payment ($25 fee must make at least 6 consecutive payments, only 1/year) Downloadable Form
SSI Direct Deposit Form To have your Social Security checks directly deposited into your account Downloadable Form
Stop Payment Request Order To stop a payment or check Downloadable Form
Unauthorized Check Affidavit

 To reverse an unauthorized check

Downloadable Form
Wire Instructions How to set up a wire tranfer of funds (WIRE TRANSFER FORM) Downloadable Form

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